Our Story

I am Natalie and this is how Nat Goes Vinyl became what it is today. 
It all started Christmas 2019, I have a large family who all gather together on boxing day every year, so I thought I wanted to find a way to give a practical present, so I made everyone their own glass with their name. This went down a treat! Everyone absolutely loved their glasses. Since then my brain has been ticking into how to turn it into a successful business, and here we are Nat Goes Vinyl!
It took me days to come up with the name; I wanted a unique name, and a play on words. Vinyl is my main material I use for my products so this needed to be the word which I could use. Vinyl sounds like viral so I went with it, as i want to go viral, blow up become a household name everyone know who I am. The home of gifts & all things personalised is me!